Friday, February 9, 2018

A New Home for The Wanderlings

It has been such a long time...
I've been through a lot of changes over the past few years and I've missed you all so much.

Most recently I've been working around the clock to build a New Website where all of my creative interests can live together in one place.  I would love it so much if you would  join me there as I plan to come back to Blythe very soon and have a lot of new ideas I'm excited to share with you. <3

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of my dolly friends who have supported my creative endeavors in the past and to all those who join me as we carry on into the future.
*huge love and squeeeeeeezes you all*

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Moving, Custom Blythe Dolls & Downsizing, Oh MY!

Hi Everybody,
I’m having another huge dolly downsizing sale on Ebay as I get ready for an upcoming move across the country!

I’ve lived in the same state (and basically the same town!) my entire life, in my current house for about 20 years and that’s all about to change. Exciting and scary times lie ahead! I’ve spent the past few months like a hermit, purging in preparation and it has been exhausting and exhilarating!!

The Wanderlings and I just wanted to pop in to say hi and I miss you all very much! 

This is a group of custom Blythe dolls I've made over the past year, along with a few new custom Kenners as well.

The two girls in the center (dark pink and strawberry blonde) along with a brunette Kenner will be listed for adoption very soon.  
(The other 3 girls have already found wonderful new homes . <3)  In the meantime, feel free to send me a message if you might be interested in one of these little Wanderlings and I’ll send you all their details and photos.

As for the Ebay sale, all items are ending this Sunday, May 1, at various times throughout the evening. Hope you find something you’ll love. <3


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Custom Blythe Dolls WIP

One of these little ones will be looking for a new home very soon. ^__^

All of my downsizing Ebay Auctions  are ending today!

Now, off to make dolly dresses and other new goodies I can't wait to share with you...


Saturday, September 26, 2015

Matilda Fairilee

Happy Saturday!

I've spent the past few months preparing new Wanderlings for the upcoming year... like sweet Matilda Fairilee who found a wonderful new home this summer! ♥

A new little one is getting ready to meet you later this week, so stay tuned! ^__^

Monday, September 21, 2015

Massive Downsizing Sale

I’ve put together a huge studio & dolly downsizing sale over on Ebay! 

You’ll find lots of great items including a gorgeous vintage Kenner Blythe scalp & body, a massive collection lot of Blythe doll clothes from designers & Takara stock sets alike.

 There are three groupings of beautiful fabrics from Japan & Etsy along with many charming vintage pose dolls, dedo dolls, repro liccas, vintage and handmade fashions, ooak art dolls, mohair & saran supplies, monster high dolls, my first DSLR- Canon and other camera equipment as well. 

The list truly goes on and on!

 Everything starts at $1.00 with no reserve and ends on Sunday September 27 at various times during the day into the evening!

 Hope to see you there!

Below are a few of the dollies and treasures that are waiting for you.
Just click on a photo to go straight to the auction!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

OOAK Custom Blythe Art Doll for BCUK London 2015 Charity Auction

I hope everybody has had a wonderful summer! I'm sorry I've been mia, I've been working away on upcoming customs dolls, preparing for a huge clean out sale and spending any spare time drawing and painting. 

One of my favorite projects I've been working on is as a customizer for one of the 5 teams creating dolls and outfits for BCUK London’s charity auctions; Eaves and Young Minds.

It’s been wonderful to work with and get to know such a lovely and talented group of people!  I am part of Team #1 and we decided to go with a Rococo theme for our girl.  I can’t wait to see the amazing outfits my teammates, Helen-Pumpkinbelle, Fae- Pomme Pomme, and Mary- MforMonkey are making! Flora of Almond doll created her stunning side glancing eye chips!

Introducing Etta. <3

Etta’s name is short for Marietta, which was the name used by those to whom Marie Antionette was endeared

Customization information:
OOAK Blythe Art Doll customized by Petite Wanderlings for Team #1:
Originally a Cadence Majorette, RBL+ mold

-Mouth, nose and philtrum have been carved
-Face-up and body blushing given with high quality artist supplies
-Lids painted and thin brown lashes applied
-Multiple layers of sealer applied
-4 pairs of hand made custom eye chips:
  **two front facing chips by Petite Wanderlings  **two side facing chips by Almond Doll
-Lids boggled and gaze lifted
-Sleep eyes given with 1 custom-made Petite Wanderlings pull ring charms
-Handmade mohair wig sculpture has been secured to the scalp. It is not removable or re-styleable.

*Etta will come with her original Takara bodyThe dress and neemo body in this photo is not included, but she will come with the gorgeous outfits created by the other artists on the team.  I will update with photos of her included outfits when I have more information.