About Me

Blythe took over my life the moment I met her in 2004. At the time, I was painting, drawing, making jewelry & journals, when she came along and stole me away!

I was quickly swept up into the whirlwind that is customizing. I customized one doll for myself, and one for a friend and then decided I would never make another doll because it was simply too hard!  But, it seemed the fates had a different idea in mind for me. One of the few customizers of those early days was leaving and sent all of her clients to me!  So, without much time to really think about it, I took a deep breath and set off -running- down the path laid in front of me.

Here I am all these years later and Blythe is still part of my every day life.  With this doe eyed doll as my muse, I have learned so many things I never thought possible; from carving, painting and re-rooting to fashion design, sewing, photography and so much more.  Through her, I've found an incredible community of like-minded souls and have made lifelong friends.

I have a very deep passion for these dolls and with each doll I create them with the hope to bring people happiness, a loving muse, companion and lifelong friend.  Also, for the great joy they bring to me in my own creative expression, soul searching and the bonds of sisterhood formed through them, all around the world. 

In early 2015, a turn of events has led me back to my roots where I've found myself drawing and painting again.  More stories to come...

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