Sunday, September 27, 2015

Custom Blythe Dolls WIP

One of these little ones will be looking for a new home very soon. ^__^

All of my downsizing Ebay Auctions  are ending today!

Now, off to make dolly dresses and other new goodies I can't wait to share with you...


Saturday, September 26, 2015

Matilda Fairilee

Happy Saturday!

I've spent the past few months preparing new Wanderlings for the upcoming year... like sweet Matilda Fairilee who found a wonderful new home this summer! ♥

A new little one is getting ready to meet you later this week, so stay tuned! ^__^

Monday, September 21, 2015

Massive Downsizing Sale

I’ve put together a huge studio & dolly downsizing sale over on Ebay! 

You’ll find lots of great items including a gorgeous vintage Kenner Blythe scalp & body, a massive collection lot of Blythe doll clothes from designers & Takara stock sets alike.

 There are three groupings of beautiful fabrics from Japan & Etsy along with many charming vintage pose dolls, dedo dolls, repro liccas, vintage and handmade fashions, ooak art dolls, mohair & saran supplies, monster high dolls, my first DSLR- Canon and other camera equipment as well. 

The list truly goes on and on!

 Everything starts at $1.00 with no reserve and ends on Sunday September 27 at various times during the day into the evening!

 Hope to see you there!

Below are a few of the dollies and treasures that are waiting for you.
Just click on a photo to go straight to the auction!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

OOAK Custom Blythe Art Doll for BCUK London 2015 Charity Auction

I hope everybody has had a wonderful summer! I'm sorry I've been mia, I've been working away on upcoming customs dolls, preparing for a huge clean out sale and spending any spare time drawing and painting. 

One of my favorite projects I've been working on is as a customizer for one of the 5 teams creating dolls and outfits for BCUK London’s charity auctions; Eaves and Young Minds.

It’s been wonderful to work with and get to know such a lovely and talented group of people!  I am part of Team #1 and we decided to go with a Rococo theme for our girl.  I can’t wait to see the amazing outfits my teammates, Helen-Pumpkinbelle, Fae- Pomme Pomme, and Mary- MforMonkey are making! Flora of Almond doll created her stunning side glancing eye chips!

Introducing Etta. <3

Etta’s name is short for Marietta, which was the name used by those to whom Marie Antionette was endeared

Customization information:
OOAK Blythe Art Doll customized by Petite Wanderlings for Team #1:
Originally a Cadence Majorette, RBL+ mold

-Mouth, nose and philtrum have been carved
-Face-up and body blushing given with high quality artist supplies
-Lids painted and thin brown lashes applied
-Multiple layers of sealer applied
-4 pairs of hand made custom eye chips:
  **two front facing chips by Petite Wanderlings  **two side facing chips by Almond Doll
-Lids boggled and gaze lifted
-Sleep eyes given with 1 custom-made Petite Wanderlings pull ring charms
-Handmade mohair wig sculpture has been secured to the scalp. It is not removable or re-styleable.

*Etta will come with her original Takara bodyThe dress and neemo body in this photo is not included, but she will come with the gorgeous outfits created by the other artists on the team.  I will update with photos of her included outfits when I have more information. 


Thursday, May 28, 2015

It's almost Summer and a new Custom Kenner Blythe doll is here to celebrate!

Elodie Rue, my newest Wanderling, is a summer girl who lives with her head in the clouds and sunshine in her hair.  She's looking for a loving new home with somebody to share her passion for a warm gentle breeze and the salty sea air.

Elodie Rue has found a new home.  Thank you to all who have inquired. 

Happiness is...

All custom/restoration work has been performed by me and includes the following:

-Elodie is a 1972 Kenner, originally a blonde. 

-She has her original scalp and has been re-rooted with the softest, pale blonde alpaca mohair. 

-She has not been carved and her makeup has been applied with artist quality materials. 

-Multiple layers of MSC sealer have been applied. 

-She has a Pure Neemo body, which has been blushed and sealed with MSC as well

-Her eyes, lids, lashes and chips and are all original, the chips are crystal clear. 

-Her eyeballs are in good condition overall with some very faint yellowing. 

-She does have some light yellow marbling on her back faceplate only and is in otherwise and overall good condition.

-She has been given sleep eyes and will come with one Petite Wanderling pull charm and her Kenner original. 

-Outfit (by Cindy Sowers) and accessories in photos are not included
Thank you so much for looking.
Lisa & Elodie Rue

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Gracie, my latest custom Kenner Blythe doll has found a new home. ^__^
Thank you to all who have inquired. ♥

A new Wanderling

Gracie is a 1972 Kenner, originally a brunette.
All custom/restoration work has been performed by me and includes the following:
Custom Kenner; Gracie

-She has her original scalp and has been re-rooted with the softest, pale blonde mohair. Styled into wavy curls.

-She has had no carving and her makeup has been applied with artist quality materials.

-Multiple layers of MSC sealer have been applied.

-She has a Pure Neemo body, which has been blushed and sealed with MSC as well.

-She has been given sleep eyes and has one special Wanderling pull charm along with her original.

-Her eyes, lids, lashes and chips and are all original and the chips are crystal clear. There is a small amount of ghosting in her right orange pupil, which is barely noticeable. The eyeballs are in good condition overall.

Gracie in her Hopeless Romantic overalls

-Gracie will come with a pair of my antique white, Hopeless Romantic overalls.

-All other props and accessories are not included.

Sweet Orange
Baby Blues

This sale is for Gracie and her overalls only.
All other props and accessories are not included.
Thank you for visiting. <3

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Once Upon a Blythe

There are still a few custom Blythe dolls available at the Auguste Clown Gallery from the Once Upon a Blythe Exhibit. ^__^ They are available for purchase online as well as in person.

I spoke with the curator and the gallery does have a layaway plan for anybody who may be interested in the more expensive custom dolls.

Please also keep in mind the prices are listed in the Australian dollar (so prices will be lower in USD.)

If you're interested in giving any of these little ones a new home, you can see the entire catalog and inquire through the following link:

Thursday, February 19, 2015

My sweet Anoushka -custom Blythe doll

I planned to have her ready last week, but the first re-root did not turn out the way I hoped, so I gave her another one in this gorgeous alpaca instead.

In the meantime, due to the overwhelming response I’ve received, she has been adopted. Thank you to everybody who loves her so much!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Oswen, Guardian of the Forest

Counting down the days until the 'Once Upon a Blythe' exhibit at the Auguste Clown gallery in Melbourne, Australia begins! It will take place from Feb 20th, until March 9, 2015.

For more info about these custom dolls, and to be placed on the preview list to purchase, please email

This little one is getting ready for adoption day! ^__^ I hope to have her ready and available to find a new home within the next week. She's trying on her hair and a new dress while waiting for her reroot and a name. I let her borrow my favorite Little Ditzies gnome hat to keep her head warm in the meantime.
More photos and info coming soon.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My Entry for Auguste Clown Exhibit

I've finally finished my custom doll for the Auguste Clown Gallery's, Once Upon a Blythe Exhibit in Australia. Opening night is February 20, 2015 from 6-8pm. ^__^  I wish so much I could go to see all of the incredible dolls and meet all of the lovely dolly people!

The dolls will be available to purchase online as well and the gallery will ship worldwide. If anybody is interested, you can email the gallery at... info @ augusteclown .com (no spaces) to be included in the preview which will go out a few days before opening night.

Here is my entry,
Oswen; Guardian of the Forest
 ~with handmade Blackberry Bramble multilayered outfit, woodland stand and backdrop.

Oswen is the Guardian of an ancient forest. Of which forest, I dare not say. But there, she is the protector of Oak, Ash and Thorn. She can only be seen in autumn, riding her painted leaves as they fall to the forest floor. If she catches you spying on her, she will turn into a bird and fly far away into her sacred grove of magical trees.

 However, if you are very quiet and stay rather still, she will become curious about you and may come near. She loves lavender blossoms dipped in honey, and will be sure to linger a little longer for such treats. Do not look directly at her in the beginning, peek only through brief side-glances. If you remain patient, in time, she will finally let you get to know her. Once you gain her trust, you will be rewarded with a lifelong friend who will share all of her secrets and keep all of yours as well. 

~Oswen's Blackberry Bramble Outfit:

Her multi-layered dress is made of 2 separate outfits that can also be worn separately:
 -The outer dress is created from layers of luxurious silk and silk-velvet in dusky rose; aged and detailed with moss, flowers, berries and delicate curling branches. It is lined in a rose colored tissue silk with graceful ruffles peeking out from underneath.
 --The drop waist turtleneck under dress is made in a cozy brown, cotton-knit and complimented with a golden-plaid, tissue silk skirt which has been detailed with hand sewn twisting tucks.

More info and photos to come.