Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dust and scratches

There were too many ideas swirling around my mind to try to carve one girl at a time.  So here are a few of the 10 little faceplates I've given new identities in the last 2 days.  Next time I must remember to wear a mask. I'll be coughing up Blythe dust for the next week I'm sure.  lol
While carving, I went in search of a little tool I needed-- one thing led to another as it does and I started preparing for a studio de-stash sale to begin this Sunday. Stay tuned...


  1. Hello Lisa,

    I understand you very well about the swirling mind :).I bet they will all be lovely :)
    And do wear a mask next time, really I think it is important.

  2. Hi Lisa!!
    Looking forward to your work:-)had I known you were going to re=home your little kamar Lisa whitehaired girl,I wouldn have been able to sleep for days....she has been one of my allllll time favorite dolls in the whole world...of course I would LOVE to win the auction but I don't think I cathe stress LOL!wishing you loads of hugs and bon courage when saying goodbye to your sweeties♥ hugs Dees

  3. Dear Miriana,
    You are so right and have learned my lesson. I have a double mask on my work table all ready so I will not forget again. :)

    Awwww Dees!! I hope you win her, I would love for her to go live with you. <333