Friday, March 1, 2013

Sadie Grace has been adopted

Welcome to the Petite Wanderling’s Decadent Roadside Extravaganza!

We’re gearing up to begin our journey to New York to attend BCNY as a vendor in October 2013. We’re working hard to overflow our steamer trunks with goodies for all and will share our wares along the way as well, as we head toward the main attraction in the Big Apple.  

The Wanderling’s Decadent Roadside Extravaganza is a caravan of curiosities glittering with the wonders of the circus while chasing the thrills of a seaside carnival and all wrapped up in the cozy delight of shabby chic vintage-y goodness.

During the months leading up to BCNY, Petite Wanderlings will reveal a new girl from the Decadent Roadside Extravaganza for adoption each month, with 3-4 girls to be offered at BCNY in October.  Hopefully, these sweet little vagabonds can all meet again during our time in NYC.  

**The outfit Sadie Grace is wearing is one of the styles that will be available at BCNY with at least one per month offered throughout the year as well. 

Now, without further ado, I would like to introduce you to our dear Sadie Grace.  She’s everybody’s darling here at our roadside attraction.  She spends her evenings walking among the spectators, delivering sweet treats from her stripey pink post wrapped in tufts of cotton candy fluff, while calling out through the crowd and making everybody smile. 

Sadie Grace has a Translucent Factory head with a Saffy scalp and Pure Neemo body.  All customizations have been performed by me and include:

*Long soft white mohair re-root and styling
*Nose, mouth and philtrum have been carved
*Thin, white eyelashes applied

*Makeup applied with artist quality paints and pastels
*Sealed with MSC

*Eyes boggled, and gaze lifted

*Custom Eyechips- 1 pair hand painted turquoise, and 3 more sets in black, milk toffee and milk pink.

*Sleep eyes given with 2 handmade Wanderlings pull ring charms

*Sadie Grace's Pure Neemo Body has been blushed, shaded and sealed; 
front and back, tip to toe. 

Her versatile outfit has been designed and created by me.  

She will come home to you with all of the following:

*Ruffled Hairband with flowers, pearls and ribbon tie

*Corset with metal eyelets and ribbon closure in back

*Ruffled Collar with ribbon tie

*Ruffled Bum Bloomers with ribbon closure and leg bows

*Hoop skirt
*Overskirt which can be worn open in the back with the hoop skirt or tied closed with ribbons strung through the metal eyelets down the back.

*Customized leather boots with ribbon ties

*She will also come with the two sets of hands you see in the pictures;  a set of open hands and a set of grasping hands, along with her last stick of cotton candy.

Ruffly Bum

**Please understand the outfit has been made to emulate a feeling of vintage wonder and has been aged with smalls rubs, rips, tears and “dirt”. This is not a defect or error in craftsmanship.

Sadie Grace's sleepy Eyes

I love to play with my photos, but I realize you may like to see one of her au naturel.  So here is a final photo to show Sadie Grace without any enhancements whatsoever. ;) As you can see her makeup is all very even with a moderate tone. 
                                                         I don't know if I've ever loved a doll so much.  <3

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