Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My Entry for Auguste Clown Exhibit

I've finally finished my custom doll for the Auguste Clown Gallery's, Once Upon a Blythe Exhibit in Australia. Opening night is February 20, 2015 from 6-8pm. ^__^  I wish so much I could go to see all of the incredible dolls and meet all of the lovely dolly people!

The dolls will be available to purchase online as well and the gallery will ship worldwide. If anybody is interested, you can email the gallery at... info @ augusteclown .com (no spaces) to be included in the preview which will go out a few days before opening night.

Here is my entry,
Oswen; Guardian of the Forest
 ~with handmade Blackberry Bramble multilayered outfit, woodland stand and backdrop.

Oswen is the Guardian of an ancient forest. Of which forest, I dare not say. But there, she is the protector of Oak, Ash and Thorn. She can only be seen in autumn, riding her painted leaves as they fall to the forest floor. If she catches you spying on her, she will turn into a bird and fly far away into her sacred grove of magical trees.

 However, if you are very quiet and stay rather still, she will become curious about you and may come near. She loves lavender blossoms dipped in honey, and will be sure to linger a little longer for such treats. Do not look directly at her in the beginning, peek only through brief side-glances. If you remain patient, in time, she will finally let you get to know her. Once you gain her trust, you will be rewarded with a lifelong friend who will share all of her secrets and keep all of yours as well. 

~Oswen's Blackberry Bramble Outfit:

Her multi-layered dress is made of 2 separate outfits that can also be worn separately:
 -The outer dress is created from layers of luxurious silk and silk-velvet in dusky rose; aged and detailed with moss, flowers, berries and delicate curling branches. It is lined in a rose colored tissue silk with graceful ruffles peeking out from underneath.
 --The drop waist turtleneck under dress is made in a cozy brown, cotton-knit and complimented with a golden-plaid, tissue silk skirt which has been detailed with hand sewn twisting tucks.

More info and photos to come.

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