Thursday, March 26, 2015


Gracie, my latest custom Kenner Blythe doll has found a new home. ^__^
Thank you to all who have inquired. ♥

A new Wanderling

Gracie is a 1972 Kenner, originally a brunette.
All custom/restoration work has been performed by me and includes the following:
Custom Kenner; Gracie

-She has her original scalp and has been re-rooted with the softest, pale blonde mohair. Styled into wavy curls.

-She has had no carving and her makeup has been applied with artist quality materials.

-Multiple layers of MSC sealer have been applied.

-She has a Pure Neemo body, which has been blushed and sealed with MSC as well.

-She has been given sleep eyes and has one special Wanderling pull charm along with her original.

-Her eyes, lids, lashes and chips and are all original and the chips are crystal clear. There is a small amount of ghosting in her right orange pupil, which is barely noticeable. The eyeballs are in good condition overall.

Gracie in her Hopeless Romantic overalls

-Gracie will come with a pair of my antique white, Hopeless Romantic overalls.

-All other props and accessories are not included.

Sweet Orange
Baby Blues

This sale is for Gracie and her overalls only.
All other props and accessories are not included.
Thank you for visiting. <3


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  2. Love the new PW generation as I love the first one! It's always a pleasure to see your angels!