Monday, May 19, 2014

Pre-order information for the Decadent Roadside Extravaganza

I'll be open for pre-orders at my Etsy shop tomorrow, Wednesday, May 21, at 10:00am, EST, through Sunday, May 25 or until they are sold out- whichever comes first. 

Back by popular demand, I will take pre-orders for 5 each of the dresses and sets from the Decadent Roadside Extravaganza!

All of the outfits in this series are made in fabric that has been aged to look vintage, along with silk ribbons, lace, buttons and real metal eyelets. Each outfit will be made as close to the original as possible.  Lace, button color and ribbon substitutions may need to be made at times, but I will always use the very best and something I would want my own dolls to wear.  Fabrics and all bits are aged by hand to appear vintage and may be slightly different from piece to piece.  

Shabby Decadent Dresses:
Dress only

Bubble Bloomers, 5 Piece Set includes:
-Corset with built in top
-Collar with ribbon tie
-Bubble Bloomers

-Pair of peep toe booties

Bloomers will match the main bodice of the corset of choice and I will choose a matching fabric for the collar, ribbons and shoes. 

Style 1: Tiny pink rosebuds on pink
Style 2: Tiny pink rosebuds on turquoise 

Style 3: Multi size pink rosebuds on baby blue
Style 4: Multi size pink rosebuds on ivory
Style 5: Surprise Me! You can leave all of the decisions and details to me if you can't decide. ^__^

Full Decadence, 7 Piece Set includes:

-Corset with built in top
-Collar with ribbon tie
-Ruffle bum Bloomers

-Theater skirt
-Cage skirt
-Pair of peep toe booties

The photos with Sadie Grace and Piper Lou are to show how the outfits look on the dolls. But, those particular fabrics, cages skirts and booties are not available in this pre-order.

Cage Skirt Styles:
1. All grey with bows
2. Pink hoops with grey ribbons and bows
3. Pink hoops with grey ribbons, bows and pink flowers.  

4. Surprise me!

(Hoop skirt can be chosen from above and does not have to be the one in full set the photos below)

Style 1: Shades of pink
Style 2: Pink, turquoise and gold
Style 3: Ivory and peachy pink
Style 4: Shades of turquoise with peach or pink accents
Style 5: Shades of blue with peach or pink accents
Style 6: Surprise me! You will receive something close to Piper Lou or Sadie Grace's colors... or a whole new combination.

Hope to see you there!

Thanks for looking. ^___^

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