Sunday, May 18, 2014

Almost ready!

Sorry to keep everybody waiting! I've been putting on the finishing touches and tweeking this and that. It always seems to take me so much longer than I expect, lol. Hopefully, you will all feel it was worth the wait. ^__^

I'll be open for pre-orders at my Etsy shop this Wednesday, May 21, at 10:00am, through Sunday, May 25 or until they are sold out- whichever comes first. 

I will take orders for 10 overall sets with 5 styles to choose from, along with 5 full decadence sets, 5 shabby dresses and 5 bubble bloomers sets- there will a slightly new style you can choose for these- the prototype is peeking out from behind the overalls. ^__^

I'll update on Tuesday here and on Facebook with all of the choices that will be available for each set- so you can decide ahead of time what you like most. ^__^

Happy Sunday!

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